What is supervisor password

Alright guys in today's article we're going to be looking at a Thinkpad T430 that has a supervisor password and we're
gonna show how to remove it you may be
asking what is a supervisor password.
So as many of you probably know the majority of thinkpads are purchased either by large companies businesses
schools or government organizations.
As such these systems need a little bit more security than your average computer and this is where things like BIOS passwords fingerprint readers and that
kind of stuff come in.
Really handy thinkpads traditionally have two types of startup passwords: a bios password and a supervisor password.
A bios password is pretty easy to get rid of if you unplug the system, remove the battery, take out the CMOS battery and just let the system drain any residual charge for a few minutes.

You can remove the startup password but since these things need some extra security supervisor passwords are a thing
these cannot be removed even by clearing the CMOS so getting rid of these supervisor passwords is a little bit more of a hands-on process but they're not too difficult to get rid of that as long as you're competent with
the screwdriver the process that I'm gonna be talking about in this video works on pretty much anything Thikpad up until and including the IEEE verbage
series of thing pads such as the Thinkpad T430, Thinkpad X230 and Lenovo Thinkpad W530.